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How to choose the right bike saddle?

chose the right bicycle saddle

A bike saddle is not only something you sit on while on the bike, but it is one of the important contact points between your body and the bike that can significantly affect the overall cycling experience. An uncomfortable saddle can result in pain and discomfort and prevent you from fully enjoying your outings on the road or trail. If you ride your bike on a regular basis, you want to ensure that you can ride comfortably especially on longer rides. The type of cycling you do (i.e. road cycling, mountain biking, commuting, etc.) will also be one of the important factors to consider in deciding on the best saddle to put on your bike. Here are a few tips to assist you in picking the right saddle:

comfortable saddle

1- Determine your riding style, and pick a saddle to suit: mountain bikers and city cyclists have a more upright riding position, and as such need good support below their sit bones. Road cyclists, on the other hand, spend some of their riding time in a lower and more bent over position, and accordingly they may need a saddle with a central cutout channel that provides soft tissue relief.

tips to chose the right saddle

2- Set your saddle at the correct angle and pedaling height: Your saddle should be horizontal with the ground. If the nose of the saddle is tilted up or down that can result in excessive friction and discomfort. Furthermore, there is a few millimeters of fore and aft adjustment on the saddle rails, so ensure that you have it where it suits your riding position and bike fit. Generally speaking, you want your knee to be directly above the pedal axle when your feet are in the 3 o’clock and 9’ocklock position on the bike (you can check this by leaning on a wall or asking a friend to assist you in stabilizing the bike as you sit on the bike).

3- Choose a saddle with the right material: a saddle that is too hard or too soft can result in excessive pressure and painful sores. Pick a saddle with the right amount of cushioning.  Having a waterproof surface is certainly a plus in case your rides occur in rainy conditions.

The WEST BIKING™ Ultimate Comfy Bike Saddle ticks all the boxes when it comes to picking a comfortable and good-looking saddle for your bike. It comes in three styles to match your type of riding:

  1. Style A: soft gel material with synthetic leather for road riders. 
  2. Style B: high-density cushioning with PU cover, more cushioning makes it perfect for mountain bikers.
  3. Style C: Gel + Polyurethane foam filling material for the ultimate comfort on long rides in all conditions.

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All versions come with a central cutout saddle for more soft tissue relief. The West Biking saddle has universal saddle rails that will fit all standard seat posts. The West Biking saddle is not only supremely comfortable, but also has a water-repellent non-slip and abrasion-resistant material (reduces the possibility of damage to the saddle in case of crashes). It is very light weight and comes in four attractive colors (red / fluorescent green/white/black) so that you can pick the one that most closely matches your bike.

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